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Lillet Blanc 0.75l, Alc. 17 vol.%, Wine liqueur France | Kuhns Trinkgenuss

Lillet blanc

0.75l, Alc. 17 vol.%, Wine liqueur France

Item number ML3482

The Aperitif Lillet Blanc consists for 85 vol.% Bordeaux wine and 15 vol.% of the fruit liqueur produced directly at Lillet.

for Lillet Blanc wine is used from the Sémillion grape variety.

The "white lillet" is more golden in the color than white and has a floral fragrance.

on the palate it has a full structure and tastes of oranges, spruce resin, exotic fruits and Honey.

The finish lasts pleasantly long.

The Lillet tastes pure, on ice and also fits wonderfully with a large number of cocktails.

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