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Hirrel kiss bird twittering 0.5l alc. 25 vol.% | Kuhns Trinkgenuss

Hirrel kissing birds

0.5l alc. 25 vol.%

Item number ML4471

Our typical birdberry liqueur with 25 % vol. The unmistakable taste of the Eberesche is popular with young and old.

We, these are Petra Waldherr-Merk, Felix Merk and Burckhard Winkel lead this small family business in Lenggries in the heart of Upper Bavaria.

The great aunt of Petra Waldherr-Merk has produced these excellent liqueurs for over 40 years and now passed on the secret recipes for the niece.

We produce with great passion.

What we also like and we are very demanding, comes into our bottles and bears our name.

production deer kiss: The tasty 38 % herbal liqueur "Hirschkuss" is created from around 40 different herbs and roots, many Of this from the Alpine region, such as B. Enzian, lemon balm, anise, valerian root, caraway, lovage, juniper, forest champion, arnica, ginger root and of course some herbs that we do not reveal. then macerated.

In doing so, extracts are obtained from the herbal mixtures, these are moved with a water-alcohol mixture. to be repeated.

Then the finished raw material is stored - now the ripening process begins.

The bitter substances evaporate, the extract matures to the full -bodied raw material for the deer kiss. For further processing, the extract is mixed with sugar, caramel, water and alcohol. Every bottle of "deer kiss" is filled by hand and labeled

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