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Aquavit line 0.7l, Alc. 41.5 vol.%, Caraway spirit from Norway | Kuhns Trinkgenuss

Aquavit line

0.7l, Alc. 41.5 vol.%, Caraway spirit from Norway

Item number ML3635

12 months in old sherry barrels in Norway, and for a further 4 months on board a freighter, which crosses the equator (Norwegian: line) twice.

taste: noble and round . Light citrus note, caraway, coriander and anise. Subtle vanilla note through the sherry barrel storage.

The maturation method, in the Aquavit line during a four-month boat trip, crosses the equator twice, is now legendary. It goes back to 1805 when the Norwegian "Trondhiems Prøve" sailed to the West Indian Islands with a load of aquavit. Five of the barrels could not be sold and thus returned to Norway after crossing the equator. A small sensation revealed itself when the return was tasted: the Aquavit tasted much more gentle, finer and spicy than before the departure. The taste of the taste was attributed to the long sea voyage, during which the barrels on the deck of the schooner were stored. The fluctuations of temperature and humidity, the salty sea air, the constant waves of the ocean and the long storage in wooden barrels apparently had a very positive influence on the quality of the aquavit. Aquavit as a cover load at sea. Each line Aquavit bottle shows details of the 4-month journey around the world as well as the downhill and arrival data on the inside of the front label. Every sip of this aquavit brings back the memories of the sea voyage.

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